Chesterton Community Sports College is a successful, caring, innovative 11-16 school.

GCSE results show that pupils make positive progress across a range of subjects. Our school is over-subscribed due to the outstanding personalised education that we offer.  

The school is proud of its motto, 'To Be The Best You Can Be' which underpins the ethos of our school.

This Week at CCSC

Week Beginning 15th November 2019parentsevening

Monday 18th November - Year 9 Recap Week Begins
Thursday 21st November - Year 10 Parents Evening 3:15 - 7:45
Friday 22nd November - KS4 Art Trip

Parents Evening appointments can be made in advance, adn we operate an open door policy so that you can visit any teacher on the night. We look forward to seeing you all to report on your child's progress, targets and to listen to any feedback you may have. 


Thought of the Week: The Toilettoilet

Today, 4.2 billion people live without safely managed sanitation, 673 million still practise open defecation and three billion lack basic handwashing facilities. This sanitation crisis means untreated human waste is spreading diseases into water supplies and the food chain for billions of people. Inadequate sanitation is estimated to cause 432,000 diarrhoeal deaths every year.

World Toilet Day, celebrated on 19th November every year, is about inspiring action to tackle the global sanitation crisis.

You can find out more at:

Featured Learning

Year 10 Act Squiffy and Continue with Silly Pretences...
...By Acting Out in English!

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Budding thespians from Mrs Stephens' 10.1 class brought 'An Inspector Calls' to life this morning! A special mention must go to Ryan Hill (Mr Birling), Maddy Perry (Mrs Birling), Connie Barlow (Gerald Croft), Dominic Walker (Eric Birling), Immy Poole-Lockyer (Sheila Birling) and Matthew Wade (Inspector Goole) who all embraced thier roles with confidence and enthusiasm!

Mrs D Stephens
Assistant Head of English

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Mr R Swindells  BA (Hons)

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs S Waterhouse  BA (Hons)

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