Chesterton Community Sports College is a successful, caring, innovative 11-16 school.

GCSE results show that pupils make positive progress across a range of subjects. Our school is over-subscribed due to the outstanding personalised education that we offer.  

The school is proud of its motto, 'To Be The Best You Can Be' which underpins the ethos of our school.

This Week at CCSC

Week Beginning 13th May 2019examhallpinktint

Monday 20th May - Geography Prep P1, Physics Prep P3, Maths Prep P4/P5
Tuesday 21st May - Maths Paper 1 P1/P2, Spanish Prep P3, Geography Prep P4, Geography Paper 1 P5
Wednesday 22nd May - Spanish Listening & Reading, Physics Prep P4, Physics Paper 1 P5
Thursday 23rd May - English Literature Paper 2 P1/P2 (Mainly Y10), Italian Prep P4, Technology Prep P5
Friday 24th May - Italian Listening & Reading, History Prep P3, Technology Prep P4, Technology Exam P5 (2 hours)


Thought of the Week: Biological Diversity

Climate change is terrible problemand it absolutely needs to be solvedIt deserves to be huge priority”.
Bill Gates

The future will either be green or not at all”.
Bob Brown

The environment is everything that isn'me”.
Albert Einstein

Featured Learning

Double, double, toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble!

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Year 9 have just embarked on the tragic twists and tales of ‘Macbeth’. As part of their weekly homework, 9/1 have been tasked with researching key terminology that appears in the murderous play. Homework that displays flair earns extra credit and Libby Lowe is Week 1’s winner with her beautifully crafted vocab flash cards. There were many other students who also earned extra event logs for their creative and clever designs.

Mrs D Stephens
Assistant Head of English

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Mr R Swindells  BA (Hons)

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs S Waterhouse  BA (Hons)

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