The production of 'Alice' has proved so popular that some people have attended every night; including the reviewer who wrote this piece on the Wednesday night performance, in which Hannah Brayford, year 10, starred as Alice.

"As an audience member you cannot help but be taken aback by the boldly dressed stage with its massive brightly coloured visage of flora, giving teasers as to the whirlwind performance you are about to watch.

From the get go, the virtually packed hall was completely captivated by the stunning performances, characterisations and storytelling the pupils showed in this 2015 stage production of Alice.

There were so many scenes and parts played to perfection that it would be difficult to pull out any one person.

We start with Tara's rendition of the delightfully frantic white rabbit who takes us on the journey into wonderland and regularly returns to steer the audience through. Next we are greeted by the cast of animals, each delivered with lovely characterisations  throughout the show. Later we see Corbin's lethargically cool caterpillar deliver a song that makes you forget you are watching a school production. Lizzy's Cheshire Cat begins to make its regular appearances tormenting and teasing Alice with its feline antics and musings. The Tweedles played by Kate and Jade gave us some fantastic comedic scenes throughout the show as the girls worked so well together with impeccable timing. Lucie's Duchess gave us a character that we could love as a support for Alice against the brash and cruel Queen (we see later), though the pig baby (played by Ellie) in her pram must not be overlooked and was certainly a spectacle not to be missed.

We then enter act two where things start with a bang as we dive into the mania that is the Mad Hatter's Teaparty. Jacob most definitely embraced the Mad in Mad Hatter, delivering a lively and hilarious performance, balanced beautifully by Leah's oh so sleepy Dormouse and Alisha's March Hare. Grace and Darcie come onto the scene helping Alice with the redecorating of the Queens garden with comedic finesse. Then we enter the domain of the Queen; Megan commands her cards with an arrogance and brashness befitting the part. The Ace of Spades continues to draw us in to his world as we really start to empathise with this flamboyant and loveable card from Joel. After the croquet we are introduced to the terror of the court by a stirring monologue from the cat that sets the scene as we enter into the all singing proceedings against the Ace of Spades for the crime of stealing the tarts and the finale where we return to normality.

Hannah brought the character of Alice alive and delivered a performance deserving of the title of leading lady, her flawless delivery and beautiful singing voice were captivating and enthralling to behold. She was most definitely born to play this role and she certainly delivered a stunning performance, a fact supported by the entire audience during her thunderous applause at the end of the show.

A fantastic evening of entertainment enjoyed by all, with a great cast who were a credit to the school and highlighted the great work put in by everyone, staff and pupils alike in the run up to the show."

A gallery of photographs from Wednesday night is available below. Please click on an image to enlarge it.

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