The final performance of 'Alice' surpassed all expectations. The cast members rose to the occasion and were able to take their performances to an even higher level; an incredible achievement given the already excellent standards of the first three shows.

Lauren Farnell, year 11, starred as Alice on the Thursday night. She and Hannah Brayford, year 10 shared the role and peformed on alternate days with both of them giving outstanding performances in this large and demanding part. Many people had seen the show on two nights to see the two leading ladies each perform their own unique interpretation of the character.

Tara Rutter gave an excellent performance as the frenetic and forgetful White Rabbit in all the shows while Jacob Walton's fantastic acting and flamboyant costume certainly befitted the role of the Mad Hatter. Alisha Bourne as the March Hare and Leah Hopwood as the Dormouse played their parts to perfection to complete the Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

Lucie Moss, as the highly spirited Duchess with her 'pig baby' (played by younger sister Ellie Moss), certainly gave a 'moral to everything' and Megan Futter gave a confident and icy performance as the Queen of Hearts as she declared, 'off with their heads'.

Corbin Ball made a hilarious cool caterpillar with his laconic wit and surreal costume. Jade Miklasiewicz and Kate Stanier were the perfect pairing for Tweedledum and Tweedledee and played their comedic roles to a tee. Mock Turtle, Darcie Bagguley and Griffin, Grace Smith, gave a lovely rendition of  'If I were painting the sky' as they assisted Alice with this task. The loveable grinning Cheshire Cat was brought to life by Elizabeth Dunn's excellent drama skills.

The animal chorus all played their parts wonderfully throughout the show with Annabelle Guest as the Dodo, Evie Davenport as the Duck, Hollie Middleton as the Eaglet, Isobelle Hulme as the Crab, Ellie Moss as the Mouse and Lydia Madeley as the Parrot. The Cook played by Jodie Middleton certainly 'peppered up' the action and Joel Edgington-Plunkett quickly won over the audience as the Ace of Spades. Laurance Dykes acted the part of the King very well as he supported the Queen, and Frog Footman, Charlotte Wint and Fish Footman, Jade Machin were excellent in the courtroom scene. The cast was completed by Katie Hall as a mature and caring Alice's Mother.

The chorus took on the roles of flowers and playing cards and their supporting performances really enhanced the show. The chorus were: Rebecca Austin, Eleanor Booth, Mollie Brown, Niamh Deaville, Natasha Futter, Bethany Heath, Clinta Johny, Ameila Moody, Lucie Owen, Matthew Stepney and Jordan Titley. The musicians for the show were excellent and included students Matthew Chau, Stephanie Brooke and Thomas Hawkins.

A gallery of photographs from the final performance can be seen below. Please click on an image to enlarge it.

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