What is Independent Learning?

Independent learning is designed to promote the development of our pupils’ ability to plan work, carry out research and revision, and complete tasks while working outside of the classroom.

Independent learning encourages pupils to become more responsible for their own learning and reinforces and extends learning that takes place in the classroom. With the support of teaching staff, parents and carers, we aim to develop our pupils’ work ethic, organisation and self-discipline through engagement in learning and a commitment to being the best they can be. Independent learning is very important in developing lifelong skills and can contribute significantly to our pupils’ overall progress and attainment.

Independent Learning Sessions Guidance

What is Crucial Knowledge?

At Chesterton Community Sports College, there is a real focus in lessons on developing pupils’ understanding and long-term memory of crucial knowledge across all subjects. To further support and develop their learning and overall progress, subject teachers set a range of crucial knowledge quizzes each week to recap and embed the crucial knowledge learning that is taking place in the classroom. Our aim is to ensure that all pupils learn and remember the crucial knowledge from each of their subjects so that they can successfully apply it in context. The quizzes also aim to support pupils’ confidence and engagement, as well as highlighting areas in their learning that need to be revisited. 

All crucial knowledge quizzes and tasks are set on Microsoft Teams, Assignments. Each subject also has a ‘Crucial Knowledge Bank’ of quizzes that pupils can access and complete to recap their learning. 

Pupils are expected to complete all set quizzes. They are asked to complete quizzes and crucial knowledge learning at home, in dedicated form time sessions (Tuesdays and Fridays), during Independent Learning sessions on their timetables and at any point when they are away from the classroom. 

Parents and carers will receive a weekly email to inform them of all set quizzes for each subject, as well as guidance on which quizzes have been completed and which are outstanding. 

More information about how to access Assignments through Teams can be found in the accompanying guide.



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