The uniform for the school includes:Picture 1

  • Black blazer with school badge (required item – does not have to be branded from the school uniform shop – a badge can be purchased and sewn on). This should be worn at all times and can be taken off in lessons only if a member of staff allows it (for example, in hot weather). 
  • Coats, jackets, hoodies and jumpers are not to be worn around school. 
  • White shirt (required item): It should be noted that this is a traditional shirt that buttons to the collar and is long enough to be tucked in (shirts should be tucked in at all times). 
  • A plain, black jumper (no logos) can be worn under the blazer (optional item).
  • School house tie (required item).
  • Black trousers (not branded): Girls should note that the trousers must be of a formal, tailored style, i.e. not fitted trousers, jeans or leggings. We should not be able to see ankles! Tight fitting, Lycra trousers will not be allowed at all. Black socks are preferred.
  • Skirts :Girls are allowed to wear a school skirt with a school logo (branded), which can be purchased from the school shop. They can choose between skirt or the formal trousers.
  • Black footwear (low-heel, no coloured logos, no additional colours on laces or soles). Footwear can be trainers as long as they are all black. (required)
  • Jewellery: For safety and security reasons, only one pair of sleeper or stud earrings may be worn in each earlobe. Pupils may wear a watch. 
  • In all cases, jewellery should be removed if required for safety reasons (PE, Technology).
  • Hairshould be of a natural colour – we are having an increase in coloured hair. Please ensure that our policy is adhered to. Pupils who do present themselves with a different colour hair (and go against policy) will have to wear hair up and will be monitored on a daily basis until it grows out. 
  • Eyelashes need to be natural (pupils will be asked to remove fake ones).
  • Nail varnish and false nails are not allowed (for health and safety reasons).
  • An apron is required for Technology.


PE Kit

  • Royal blue polo shirt(branded).Picture 2
  • Black shorts/black sports leggings/black jogging bottoms (NOT any other colour) and black socks (do not have to be branded).
  • There is also the option of having a blue, long-sleeve jersey and a black waterproof sports jacket (optional)
  • PE Hoodies are available to buy (optional).
  • For outdoor field activities, boots, gum shield and shin pads are necessary for rugby, hockey and football
  • Trainers with non-marking soles for indoor use








All uniform can be purchased at Smart Uniform

 Picture 3


*Please be aware that we will support any families in any way we can. We have pre-loved stock in school and we will purchase uniform for those in need. If you do need this support, please call the school and this will be arranged in a sensitive manner*


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