Chesterton Community Sports College has built up strong relationships with all of our partner Primary Schools within the Chesterton and wider Newcastle area. Children come to us from these schools as well as schools from outside the catchment area and these have included:


Alsager’s Bank


Alsager Highfields


Bursley Academy


Chesterton Primary










Hassell Street




Knutton St. Mary’s 








St. Chads’  


St. George and St. Giles


St. Margaret’s 


Sun Academy


Wood Lane


Transition from primary school to high school, is one of the most significant transitions within education. At CCSC, we place importance on the four key elements below and offer a transition programme, that aims to meet each element. 

Social – Pupils are supported to form positive relationships with peers and staff, prior to attending CCSC in Y7. This is achieved by our Primary Transition Leader, Primary Ambassadors and Pastoral Team carrying out frequent visits to our feeder primary schools. Our Primary Ambassadors, specifically offer an insight into CCSC from a pupil’s perspective. Members of the school community know each other well and there are high levels of trust. 

Educational – Once admissions are allocated, CCSC works closely with primaries to gather data in regards to pupils skills, knowledge and past performance. This ensures pupils are placed into the correct set, enabling those to work at their potential and to access a curriculum that is set to their level of learning. It also helps us to provide support to those that need it, and plan staffing accordingly. We offer a broad and diverse curriculum throughout KS3, focusing on crucial knowledge for each subject area. (see our curriculum offer). Pupils then choose their options at the end of Y8, giving them additional time to focus on their chosen subjects for their GCSE’s throughout KS4.

Practical – We visit primary schools to deliver assemblies during our year 6 open days and year 5 afternoons, pupils are given information about the way that the school operates, such as the structure of the school day and tours of the school. On our Y6 welcome day, all pupils are provided with relevant resources to help them with their transition to CCSC. This includes a map of the school with lessons in the relevant rooms where departments are based, ensuring that they can approach September’s transition with confidence. 

Pastoral – We liaise closely with our feeder and satellite schools, discussing any specific pastoral needs that individual pupils may have. We then aim for our pastoral team, particularly our heads of year, to visit the primary schools prior to September, to build a rapport and trust ensuring they are familiar with the expectations of staff at CCSC. During our Y6 welcome day, pupils are also introduced to their form tutors, we are looking to extend this, where pupils spend longer with their form tutors prior to their September transition into CCSC.

Our approach to transition is multifaceted, as listed above we offer a variety of different opportunities for pupils to experience high school life, from open days to small group transition sessions with our primary ambassadors. We also offer parental and pupil tours during the school day, so all that perspective pupils and parents can see how the school runs on a day to day basis. See our book a tour link.

All staff at CCSC, including our Primary Transition Leader Miss Weston, really believe in our school’s ethos, ‘Be The Best You Can Be’ and we believe that we offer a transition programme that helps pupils begin their time with us here, being as well prepared, as the best that they can be.

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