Health & Social Care is an option subject available for students to study from year 9. Students follow the OCR Cambridge National course which contains both practical and theoretical elements. The course is delivered by 2 members of staff, and is a popular option subject at Chesterton Community Sports College.

The department uses classrooms and the ICT suite, and also make full use of student’s school iPads to deliver the course. There is access to health monitoring equipment such as blood pressure monitors, pulse rate monitors and peak flow recorders which allow the students to learn practically. 

We have links with a range of health & social care providers in the local community along with the NHS. There are a range of careers resources that are readily available to students. Careers resources are also used across the curriculum to introduce students to careers available in this field.

Extra-curricular opportunities involve trips to NHS careers fairs and visits to the Royal Stoke University Hospital. Students have a range of virtual work experience opportunities through our partnerships with Medic Mentor, Allied Health Mentor and University Hospitals North Midlands (UHNM). We also offer a range of booster classes after-school to support students with Non-Examined assessment and exam preparation. 

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