At CCSC, reading is encouraged across the school to help pupils to ‘be the best they can be’. Our aim is to promote a life-long love of reading and giving pupils the opportunity to explore different genres and mediums of literature across the curriculum. We endeavour to support and develop pupils’ reading skills to support learning and progress across all subjects.



Our eBook reading platform, Sora, allows pupils to access a range of fiction and non-fiction texts through their iPad. Sora has a plethora of genres and titles that can suit any reading age, ability or interest. Pupils use Sora during ERIC reading time, in Library lessons, during Independent Study and in their own time.

Sora allows pupils to access the texts, through reading or listening to audiobooks. Additionally, pupils can familiarise themselves with new words and build their vocabulary through Sora’s dictionary tool. It also includes features that allow pupils to change the size and style of the font and the background colour of the page to cater for pupils with dyslexia. 

The Day:


The Day is a daily news website that we have a subscription to. Pupils are encouraged to explore The Day in Library lessons, in form and during PSCHE to build their knowledge of current events and the wider world. Articles are divided into topics such as culture, science and politics, alongside the subject-specific topics that we study in school. 

The difficulty of the texts can be adapted to accommodate different reading ages and abilities. 

ERIC Reading Time in Form:

Every form group participates in weekly ERIC reading. Pupils can read independently or form tutors can decide on looking at a ‘class read’. This allows pupils to read regularly and explore their own love of reading. 

Reading Focus: 

Regular reading focuses are promoted through school based on a topic or an event in the literary calendar such as: ‘Roald Dahl’ Day, National ‘Read an eBook’ day, Mental Health Awareness week and World Book Day. 

Form tutors share these topics with pupils and suggest titles from Sora and our Library to discover. 

Pupils are also exposed to weekly ‘recommended reads’ provided by staff and pupils from Book Club. These are featured in our newsletter and shared with pupils during ERIC form time. 

Reading is promoted across the curriculum: departments compiled a list of recommended reads based on their subject area. This included both fiction and non-fiction to help pupils read around the subjects that they are studying and build their knowledge, understanding and interest in the subjects.

Library Lesson:

In school we utilise our Library both in and out of lessons.  We offer a wide variety of fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, classics, autobiographies for KS3 and KS4; popular and recommended reads. The Library is open throughout the during lunch and after school for pupils to use. 

Years 7, 8 and 9 pupils are given weekly Library Lessons with our school Librarian, Mrs Thompson. In the Library Lessons, pupils read and discuss fiction and non-fiction texts. Mrs Thompson inspires pupils to try new genres and titles based on her recommendations; pupils who need guidance are supported and encouraged to try new things. 

Book Club:

Book Club meets weekly after school. All year groups and abilities are welcome to read and discuss a range of Books. 

Every year, Book Club are active participants in Staffordshire’s YTF Book Awards where they meet with other schools and the authors of the shortlisted titles. Book Club also visits local primary schools to share stories and to promote their enjoyment of reading with younger pupils.


World Book Day is a key event in our school calendar. The whole school is encouraged to pick up a book and start reading. We host events, such as our reading quiz, and competitions for pupils to participate in. Every student is given the £1 book tokens to ensure that pupils can continue on their love of reading outside of school.

As part of our World Book Day celebrations, we also host the Book Fair so that pupils can peruse and purchase books to build their own library at home. 

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