Geography at Chesterton Community Sports College offers a stable and experienced department, with two highly qualified and motivated practitioners. We strive to ensure that the students are the ‘best they can be’ and develop, over the two-year KS3 course, into enthusiastic and insightful geographers; ready to use the knowledge and skills acquired in an option GCSE.

Since becoming an option subject, we have seen a high number of students still choosing to study Geography at GCSE. Through their hard-work and application, combined with the dedication of staff to provide a wide ranging and interesting curriculum, with crucial knowledge being fundamental to student progress; results have shown that a good number of students achieve grades 5 and above, with most achieving a level 4. This has also led to students continuing their Geographical studies at A-level.

The Geography department is located at the rear of the school, with 3 well-presented rooms that influence and inspire students with the attractive and informative displays, linked closely to learning at both key stages. All rooms are fitted with new TVs and Airplay which provides students with the best environment for learning. 

In Geography, we strive to ensure that students are provided with an insight into the importance of Geography in the wider world; and at a range of different scales. Throughout the 5-year course, students are able to attend a variety of trips to enrich their learning and studies within the subject, including: a river study investigation, to discover the changes in the long profile of a river and a regeneration project, looking at the change in environmental quality across Manchester, and how this links to regeneration. 

We have also offered extra-curricular trips in conjunction with the rest of the Humanities department, with destinations including Iceland and Sorrento.

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