The Mathematics Department is extremely hardworking and committed to every child achieving their potential. It is very successful with good results over recent years, with excellent progress measures.

The Department also offers GCSE Statistics.

Our Ofsted report in 2010 described progress in Mathematics as outstanding.

The department is staffed by well qualified, specialist, experienced teachers, led by the head of department. The Mathematics rooms are well equipped, have stimulating displays and provide an excellent learning environment. The Mathematics curriculum is enriched with many extra curricular activities including a Maths Club for Year 7 and 8 pupils, Booster Classes for GCSE students, competitions, puzzles and visits to Keele University Maths Department. The Half Term Study days provided immediately before key GCSE exams are always appreciated and well attended.

The department has delivered exciting and innovative projects as part of Creative Learning Week which includes collaborative projects with both the History and Technology departments. The Eureka project explored maths in Ancient Greece  and 'The Egg Race' involved using skills in maths and technology to solve practical challenges. A range of unique themed learning events such as African Maths Day, a Code Breaking Challenge Day, Fairtrade Maths and Olympic Maths have all proved popular and stimulating.

Successes have been achieved in the UK Mathematics Challenges at both Junior and Intermediate Levels with Gold, Silver and Bronze awards all being gained.

Mathematics is a strong, innovative and forward thinking core subject department, ready to meet the challenges posed by the evolving modern education system.                                      

These pictures show some of the work of the maths department. 

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