Our Curriculum Intent


The AQA Citizenship course is split into three main themes:

  1. Life in Modern Britain – What does it mean to be British? Where is the UK’s role on the world stage?
  2. Rights and Responsibilities – This looks at the nature of the law and international laws
  3. Politics and Participation – this looks at how to resolve issues and how an empowered citizen is at the heart of our society


How is the course examined? 

You will be studying the AQA course which is split into 2 exams (each worth 50% of the final grade)

Paper 1 – Active Citizenship and Politics and Participation (1hr 45mins)

Paper 2 – Life in Modern Britain and Rights and Responsibilities (1hr 45 mins)


Aims of the course explained…

  • Acquire a sound knowledge and understanding of how the United Kingdom is governed, its political system and how citizens participate actively in its democratic systems of government
  • Develop a sound knowledge and understanding of the role of law and the justice system in our society and how laws are shaped and enforced
  • Develop an interest in, and commitment to, participation in volunteering as well as other forms of responsible activity.
  • To be equipped with the skills to think critically and debate political questions, to enable you to understand and appreciate other people’s views, opinions and cultures in order to enhance and improve our community.


For further information please visit the official course website by clicking THIS LINK.

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