On Tuesday 19th April Year 10 Geographers took to the serene scenes of Castleton in the Peak District to complete primary data collection for their controlled assessment task (worth 25% of the final GCSE grade). Luckily, the weather was fantastic and we all had a brilliant day out. 

The day started with a tour around the study area, noting down the landuse on a map. After getting a feel for the place, we made our way to the Peak Cavern - the top tourist attraction in the area. Here we learned about the history of rope making in the cavern, as we wondered into the depths of the cave.

After lunch, the class then split into groups to complete the data collection. This included traffic and pedestrian surveys, environmental quality surveys, questionnaires and field sketches. Some of us even managed enjoy an ice cream in the picnic area before we made our way back to school.

The Year 10 Historians went to Conwy Castle. This is the site of study for their controlled assessment (also worth 25% of the final GCSE grade). After a tour of the castle and walk around the walls, the students enjoyed fish and chips from the world famous chip shop!

Year 10 students had a fantastic day, filled with knowledge that they can use in the controlled assessment tasks that are now being completed in lessons.

J Rowley
Head of Humanities

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