Year 10 Geographers have put their skills to the test by completing some river study. In lessons, we have been learning about the processes of a river in preparation for the Unit 3 (fieldwork) exam that will be completed for their GCSE. For two weeks, the students have been preparing for the trip by researching the study area of Downs Banks in Barlaston. They have been making predictions and writing the methodology of the river study, which was to measure the channel width, depth and velocity of the water. The students were also measuring bed load and comparing the results as they move downstream. 
Students had to come prepared! Unfortunately, after a period of dry weather, we descended on Barlaston on a dull and rainy day. Spirits remained high as we saw a break in the clouds and put our wellies to the test as the students worked as a team to collect data. 
A great afternoon was had by all and we will now use the valuable data to present and analyse the results in preparation for the Unit 3 exam.
J Rowley
Head of Humanities
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