Year 9 students have been getting their creative hats on when learning about extreme weather events in the UK. After learning about the causes of extreme weather events, they had to work in groups to research and design a revision resource for one of the recent events in the UK.
This challenge wasn't as easy as they first thought. After being given the title of the event, they had to come up with a presentation using only 10 words! The most creative groups worked out ways to use symbols and illustrations to portray the event that they were to teach the rest of the class.
It was important to get key facts across, as the more detail they could give each event, the better their work will apply to the upcoming GCSE exams. The photographs show some very 'creative' displays. You can work out which weather event is displayed in the photograph from the list below:
  • Yorkshire Floods 2007
  • Storm Desmond 2015
  • Extreme cold snap (Dec 2010)
  • Somerset Floods 2014
  • Strong winds Feb. 2014
  • Heatwave 2003

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