Year 8 enjoyed a day out at Chester Zoo! After learning about rainforest animal adaptations in the geography lessons leading up to the trip, they got to see the animals in real life. The sun was shining as we arrived at the zoo, after a quick tour, the students got to visit the different enclosures that housed different rainforest animals. We got to see a variety of animals from the tapir, to the toucan and the new baby orangutan (and a giraffe calf), born the day before we visited.

In groups, we also had a rainforest animal workshop delivered by the zoo keepers. Here they taught up more about their adaptations and the animals at the zoo. The students had to guess the animal from feeling different skulls as well as design a fish that could survive in a particular habitat. 

After lunch, we visited the dark bat enclosure with free flying bats and a ‘bat tunnel’ for the very brave.

The day was enjoyed by all and we hope to see as many students on the trip next year.

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