Year 10 Geography students have been collecting data for their investigation into urban landuse change in Longton. After weeks of planning, the students arrived in Longton on a dull but warm day.

Even though many of the students had visited the area before, they had never looked at it from the perspective of investigating urban land use. We were looking at the effects of the decline of the pottery industry in the area. After building a picture in the classroom beforehand, by looking at historical maps and learning about the landuse and thriving pottery industry, the students were collecting field data on what the area is like at present. We completed field sketches, took photographs, interviewed people in the area and completed a land use map to study when back at school.

In the afternoon, the students had a tour around the Gladstone Pottery Museum, learning about what it was like to live and work there before the decline. The students were constantly taking notes and data from the tour guide to learn about how Gladstone is one of the few remaining factories in the area and how the purpose has changed from a manufacturing to a tourist attraction.

Students will be working on the data they have collected and giving a conclusion to their findings.

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