Our Curriculum Intent


Here at Chesterton Community Sports College, we follow a knowledge-based Mathematical curriculum over a 5-year cycle, building on our bespoke ‘Crucial Knowledge’ and using our purpose written ‘Know Remember Apply’ worksheets. This is along with traditional and modern teaching methods and styles.

We broadly follow the National Curriculum and enter our students for the OCR J560 GCSE (9-1) in Mathematics where we have a Foundation and Higher Tier of entry.  Students can achieve a grade 1 – 5 on the Foundation Tier and a grade 3 – 9 on a Higher Tier.  

This bespoke teaching and learning package allows us to develop both skills and confidence as we feel that this best prepares our students for the challenging GCSE examinations and, just as important, the wider world Post-16. Most of our resources are designed and developed by our experienced staff and reflect the requirements of the teaching groups abilities and needs.  

The department has school subscriptions to various online resources and websites such as Educake, Maths Whizz, Maths Box, Kahoot and Kerboodle.  These resources are used regularly during lessons as well as for extended learning outside of lesson time.  We pride ourselves on being ahead of the times in terms of modern technology and pupils’ organisation of work.  We use electronic class notebooks using Microsoft OneNote.  We also utilise traditional exercise books for certain tasks and assessments and we often photograph this work and upload to the student electronic notebook for ease of feedback and finding at a later date for revision or recap.  This digital notebook provides us with a brilliant tool for student feedback, marking and reflection. We also operate Microsoft Teams and Outlook for our teaching groups which allows seamless communications with all of our pupils both to and from staff and students.

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