At CCSC all year groups have taken part in Heartstart training in emergency first aid and CPR ( Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation)  over the last twelve months. Now the Heartstart training is in the process of being extended to our local feeder primary schools. On 13th January 2014 Mr Dunn visited Crackley Bank Primary to begin Heartstart training there.

heartatstchadsLater in the week, Mr Dunn and year 7 pupils; Shaun Austin, Charlotte Parry and Alisha Baskeyfield went to St Chad's Primary School to train some of the pupils there in CPR and other first aid. The CCSC first aid experts took with them some resuscitation dummies to demonstrate the CPR techniques. Mr Dunn also took along a defibrillator which the school purchased last year after charity fund raising so that pupils could see for themselves this life saving piece of equipment.

Mr C Dunn

Science Teacher and Personal Development Leader

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