Pupils at Chesterton Community Sports College have been having some very topical lessons and learning all about the General Election as part of their PSCHE course.

On Wednesday 6th May all Year 9 pupils took part in mock election hustings during a special assembly. The Year 9 pastoral staff played the roles of the leaders of the main UK political parties. Mr Maxted, Miss Locker, Miss Grocott, Mr Routledge and Mr Mackin each gave short speeches in their roles as 'party leaders' and focused in particular on what their parties would do for young people. Then in a debate chaired by Mrs Waterhouse the floor was opened up for the pupils to ask questions of 'party leaders'. The pupils came up with some excellent and thought provoking questions on a range of topics including university tuition fees, benefits, green issues, debt and the rights of individuals.

On Thursday 7th May the pupils cast their own votes for each political party. The results were counted later that night and were found to have bucked the national trend in the General Election.

All other year groups took part in a quiz about the General Election on Thursday morning.

A gallery of photographs from the event can be seen below. Please click on an image to enlarge it.

Mr D Maxted

Head of Year 9


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