An excellent but busy week was enjoyed by 25 pupils from years 7, 8 and 9. They experienced workshops of different activities throughout the week. A visit to Reaseheath College in Nantwich started the week with the opportunity to visit the zoo, stepping inside a fully automated glass house to see how tomatoes and flowers grow. The highlight was a floristry workshop where each pupil had the opportunity to make a corsage using an assortment of fresh flowers.

An exciting visit to Emma Bridgewater Pottery in Hanley gave the pupils a chance to be creative with their painting skills, each decorating a plain plate. A varied selection of designs and patterns were achieved using sponge stamps and some were confident enough to paint their designs freehand!

Glass fusing was another experience the pupils had, visiting The Red House Glass Cone near Stourbridge. Each pupil designed and created a glass coaster and had a conducted tour around the museum and exhibitions, set inside the original brick built glass cone. Standing at 100 feet high it is one of the remaining four left in the country. There was also a demonstration from the resident glass blower who encouraged some of the pupils to help and take part! Amazing!

Workshops were also held in school which included paper folded flowers, using a variety of material such as pages from old books, old road atlases and coloured paper. All the children were able to take home various flower designs, creating a lovely bunch in a vase.

Last but not least, a textile workshop also came into school where pupils learnt how to upcycle fabric and make decorative brooches. There were many well-dressed young people that day!

A busy and creative week was had by all!

Mrs Rhodes, Miss Bloor, Mrs Fox

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