One of our Year 10 pupils has taken part in what can only be described as an opportunity of a lifetime. RAF ATC 435 Squadron had many events scheduled but one in particular was the opportunity for selected cadets to attend a flying experience at RAF Cosford.

Alfie Jennings (Year 10) put his name forward along with several other and was then chosen to take part!

The day started with a safety briefing. The weather was dry and fine and Alfie was chosen to go up first in a Grob Tutor - a single propellored aircraft used by the RAF for cadets and to train pilots for their private Pilot License.

Once taken off, Alfie was allowed to take control of the plane under direction from the pilot and navigated his way around the local area flying at around 3000 feet!

"I took off from RAF Cosford and moments after it was up to me to control the plane. It was a cloudy and windy day. My pilot took me above the clouds so we could do some aerobatics but it was determined too dangerous. After flying for 25 minutes it was my task to control the plane back down to 600ft, and once on the fground I was given the opportunity to speak to the Air Traffic Controller".

"It was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget and I got to do it because of the cadets".

Well done Alfie!

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