On the 11th February, CCSC had our first Careers Focus Day where all lessons had a focus on the importance of subjects in relation to Post 16. We looked at specific career profiles, took part in quizzes and had lessons based on jobs and skills required. 

The day started with an assembly with Mrs Waterhouse who talked about the ambition and career paths of the teachers at CCSC. She also discussed the relevance of subjects and used PE and Art as examples. The aim was to encourage pupils to see their subjects, not only as something they have to do to pass exams and move on to college or apprenticeships, but something that provides them with the crucial knowledge for life.

During the day, lots of activities were planned and subjects embraced the opportunity to discuss their subjects in a different way. Some examples of how the curriculum was adapted are:

Modern Foreign Languages

Teachers discussed skills gained from learning languages and how these skills can help in the future – even if they don’t go on to study languages at college or university. They watched two short videos about language careers and studying languages at university and discussed them either in groups or as a whole class. 

Year 9 and 10 pupils then researched a job requiring language skills on iPads and made a fact file on these looking at Salary, Skills and Job Description. 

Year 7 and 8 pupils used iPads to make a word cloud based on the skills acquired from learning languages.

All pupils evaluated what they had taken from the lesson and responses showed how understanding of ‘Languages for Life’ was significant to them.


Pupils used skills to pitching film ideas to film executives. The task was set up to be for a ‘real’ audience and they had to develop their communication and persuasive skills.


Pupils took part in an experiment showing how easily diseases can be spread before looking at jobs relating to epidemiology. The pink beakers (in photographs) show they had ‘contracted’ the disease and queued up for testing.

In other Science lessons, they looked at ‘strange’ science jobs such as a Pet Food taster and Snake Venom Milker!

Health and Social

Pupils used NHS careers booklets covering a range of job roles in the NHS to research roles that interested individual students.

They then created an overview poster and shared these with others in the class and explained why the career interested them.


9.5 Worked hard writing letters of application. They had to assess skills needed in their chosen profession and had to think about how their qualities fit with that criteria.

Year 11 pupils researched potential jobs and careers that could be achieved through the English subject. 11.1 put persuasive techniques into practice with mock interviews for their dream jobs. They demonstrated impressive professionalism, and were all successful in their interviews! 

10.3, 10.5 and 10.6 transformed into legal eagles as they put Macbeth on trial for murder. Using their knowledge of the play, pupils had to present evidence for both the prosecution and the defence before arriving at a definitive conclusion. Pupils loved interrogating the witnesses on the stand and weren’t afraid to argue their point. The prosecution and defence worked to convince the judge and jury to either convict Macbeth for his crimes, or find him not guilty. We definitely have a few future barristers and judges in our midst!

7.1x, 7.2y and 7.5 were set off on journey of research, note taking and letter writing as they looked into careers linked to English. After discussing potential careers as a class, pupils then chose one to research and apply for! Once they had written their letters of application, pupils teamed up with a partner and took it in turn to adopt the role of interviewer and interviewee. Finally, they had to decide whether or not to give their fellow class mate the job or the boot!

Year 10 DS did a literature themed career interview for different jobs, for example war photographer, teacher, career, chef, etc. 

8 – Pupils became theatre critics and based their writing on ‘Our Day Out’

9.1Y had their imaginations pushed to the limits as they were tasked with listing as many careers linked to English as they could. The class were shocked that a career in English didn’t just mean being an author as ideas such as food critic, sports journalist and talent agent were uncovered. Pupils then chose one job to focus on, researched it and complied an official letter of application. The tricky part came when it was time to anonymously distribute letters throughout the class so they could give and receive feedback on their classmates’ letters! 

Computer Science

Researching ‘techmums’ and careers in technology


Year 8 pupils had to design a piece of footwear using a design brief. They also learnt about the fashion industry and the different roles they could develop into. They learnt the importance of manufacturing; advertising and the varied pathways Art could lead.


Pupils looked at budgeting and were looking into house rentals, food shopping costs, holidays and energy costs. This allowed them to consider monthly outgoings and planning money wisely. Pupils were fully engaged as they were able to use Maths in a ‘real’ context and understand the value of studying the subject.

Mr Morgan looked at the pay and earnings for certain jobs. They were given salaries and had to work out the tax and how much they would actually take home. 

In other maths lessons, pupils were given a list of professions and were asked to consider what ‘maths’ skills would be needed for these jobs. They had to reflect on why maths is important in all aspects of life and how it can be used in any profession.

Mr Kennerly looked at shopping items and the cost, weight and ingredients by looking at the packaging.

Business Studies

Pupils looked at the job application process from filling in the forms and the interview process from start to finish. 

Child Care

Pupils in Y9 and Y10 were challenged to look outside the stereotypical jobs associated with childcare. Pushing aside the more obvious career paths such as childminder or nursery nurse, they identified and discussed the merits of jobs such as midwife, youth worker and paediatric nurse. Pupils then had the opportunity to look at real life job advertisements in order to gain a further understanding of the fine details of careers in this sector. Using the knowledge they had acquired, pupils then created their own job applications before swapping with a partner and having a go at applying for the job their partner had created. Pupils worked amazingly well and relished the opportunity to discuss money, shift patterns hours and the realities of working life


Mrs Owen discussed the different religions in relation to careers and broke down stereotypes surrounding the subject and Post 16.


Y10 sports science looked at how key knowledge across fitness training, sports nutrition and dealing with common sports injuries linked to careers in personal training, sports coaching, sports nutritionists, physio therapy and sports massage. They also looked at pathways to access these careers. 


KS3 & Year 9 focused on the Rainforest under threat and jobs associated with managing and protecting them. Pupils reported back to the class as a news article either radio report or TV presenter!

KS4 looked at the question Why study GCSE Geography? Teachers linked jobs and careers to studying Geography, then pupils researched using the RGS website and other resources. Pupils fed back what jobs / careers they wanted to pursue and the links to Geography

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