Careers Week Day 1

  • Year 11 Business Studies pupils were given the opportunity to speak to the CEO of Musical Moments about how she started her own business. 
  • Year 11 Historians were treated to sessions with an antiques dealer who gave them the opportunity to see and handle artifacts. 
  • Miss Davies gave her Year 10 Maths class a chance to hear from one of our past pupils about her career in Forensics. 
  • We then finished the day with a Post 16 workshop for Year 11 with Newcastle College

Careers Week Day 2

  • Maths - 9.1X and Year 11 have taken part in budgeting tasks - working out monthly costs and linked to salaries of prospective careers. Year 10 have taken part in careers quizzes and then researched the maths requirements for their jobs! 
  • Science - Year 8 have taken part in a variety of STEM activities.
  • Citizenship - Year 10 have listened to past pupils and researched jobs connected to their subject.
  • English - Year 9 were give careers linking to English and activities based around them. 8.1X filmed and edited an advert for the book Death Cloud. They researched all the costs involved in creating an advert and all the job roles that are needed in the production of creating an advert and then gave themselves these roles. Year 7 looked at advertising and marketing.
  • PE - Year 10 and 11 Sports Science and GCSE PE pupils had virtual talks with Duncan Gilchrist from Stoke Community Trust and Beckie Morley, a Personal Trainer.

Careers Week Day 3

  • Maths - Year 7 and Year 9 took part in a budgeting task and then had to present their research and planning. 
  • RMS - Year 8 have been looking at how there is more to RMS than being a priest! They also looked at what sort of jobs would suit them and thought about how RMS can help them to achieve this.
  • Drama and Dance - Year 10 and 11 were treated to a visit from Oli, Jill Clewes Academy who ran a drama then dance workshop. They looked at Stanislavski’s use of objective and super objective when creating a character and applied this to rehearsal techniques. There was then a Q&A session about the Academy and Oli’s experience of working in the West End and on Broadway.
  • English - Year 10 and 11 took on the role of journalists as they designed and produced newspapers linked to their GCSE studies. Year 7 also continued with their advertising project and presented their designs for a 'Christmas Blazer'.
  • Photography - Year 9 were given the challenge to come up with a new and unique Photography business. They had to design a logo, website and a Facebook page. 
  • History - Year 8 had a visit from an ex pupil who talked about his experience Post 16 and how he had had to overcome obstacles to be successful. 
  • English - Year 11 Students were presented with one of the 7 most in demand jobs in 2020. They had to research qualifications required, the experienced that would be preferential, questions they would likely ask a candidate for that job, and look into real life testimonies. The interviewees had the challenge of not only being interviewed, but also to remain in character as Macbeth, the three witches, Eva Smith, Edna (the maid), Inspector Goole, Scrooge and Bob Cratchit.

Careers Week Day 4 - Wow! What a day. Our pupils in all year groups were exceptional as they took part in the last stage of their Careers Focus workshops. From mock interviews, to budding new doctors and nurses, we have seen it all.

  • Year 7 experienced sessions on Stereotypes, Road Safety, Panjango Careers game and Top Trumps, the Buzz Quiz and Dragons Den. They were very excited to see which member of staff they were similar to and compared qualities.
  • Year 8 did all thing STEM and were treated to sessions with Medical Mavericks - a workshop where the pupils had hands on experience of medical equipment. They also had sessions on tower building, team building, flying hoop gliders, labour market research and then creative activities in the workshop.
  • Year 9 and 10 were provided with sessions by Higher Horizons. They learnt about Post 16 options, University life with real students, Student Well Being, Employability and their Future Selves. 
  • Year 11 were given 'fake' jobs to apply for. They were then given workshops in CV writing, Applications, Interviews, Updates on Post 16 routes, University Life and had mock interviews throughout the day. Students were then told who were the successful candidates and given prizes.

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