Day 1 

Wow! What a first (busy) day of Careers Week. We not only had lots of sessions going on in lessons such as budgeting in Maths lessons, learning about farming in Food Tech, Letter Writing and advertising products in English lessons and even Archeology in History lessons (to name a few), we have also had lots of visitors in school:

  • Samantha Jayne Photography - Samantha came in to work with our Year 9 and 11 Photographers.
  • Jill Clewes Academy came in to work with some of our Performing Arts students
  • Mrs Hawkins took a small group of pupils to Reaseheath College for a campus tour
  • The PE department hosted taster sessions with Newcastle Town FC and Andy Griffin (Football Academy at Newcastle College)
  • Cheshire college came in and delivered A level taster sessions to some of our Languages pupils.

Day 2 

What a fantastic day! Pupils were exceptional as they took part in their rota of Careers/Life/Post 16 activities. They put in lots of effort and took something from the sessions. We were very lucky to have employers and helpers joining in on the day.

Day 3 

Whilst the rest of the school continued with their careers focused lessons, Year 11 were put to the test as they interviewed for 'fake' jobs in their mock interviews. We were so lucky to have 17 volunteers from the world of work, give up a day of their time for our pupils. The pupils were nervous but took every part of the process seriously. We were incredibly proud and humbled by their approach and once again, they proved what being at CCSC is all about! Well done Year 11

Day 4 - Our final day of Careers Week and the pupils really engaged and enjoyed their lessons focusing on careers/post 16 and life skills! 

We had more lesson on budgeting in maths - pupils had to work out their monthly earnings and their bills. 

In English, classes continued with their formal letter writing, interviewing and advertising but also considered the characters in the literature texts that they are learning about and assigned jobs to them according to their skills and qualities.

In Business Studies we were lucky enough to have career talks with Neil smith from TBM Rail. He talked about his career and business and gave the pupils a real insight.

In Photography, Year 9 designed their own Photography Business looking at branding, websites and logos. Whereas Year 10 and 11 looked at interesting jobs using Photography as a skill and we had a good look at how drones have added another dimension to the skill of a photographer.

In Technology, pupils had a visit from Achieve Training who gave a Post 16 talk followed by a workshop activity.

The pupils have gained so much from this week and we look forward to plenty more activities like these in the very near future!

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