On Wednesday 16th February, a group of 55 Year 9 and Year 10 GCSE Citizenship students visited the National Justice Museum in Nottingham. The museum is housed in a former Victorian courtroom, prison, and police station and is therefore a historic site where an individual could be arrested, tried, sentenced and executed. Whilst here the students were able to explore the various exhibits and learnt about laws, sentencing and how courts operated during this time period. 

The students then had the opportunity to be involved in an interactive criminal court trial, with each student acting out an important role in the courtroom. This required many students to think on their feet and improvise on the spot, at which they excelled in. 

The visit covered area of the GCSE course and brough ‘law’ to life with the interactive activities

All of the students on this trip were enthusiastic, engaged and were a real credit to the school.

Thank you to Mrs Till, Mr Wilson, Ms Copeland and Mr EP for running the visit.

Mr Young – GCSE Citizenship

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