Last week was Year 10 Work Experience Week. This is the first time a year group have been out on placement in many years. Covid restrictions meant that the last two year groups didn't get the opportunity as we had planned to bring it back as part of your Careers Programme at CCSC.
This year group have been nothing short of outstanding. The feedback we have had from employers has made us all so proud of each of them. They have moved out of their comfort zone at a time when many children of their age are struggling so much with life after lockdown. Over 150 pupils have been out on work experience with many more having places arranged in the next couple of weeks. It has been an absolute pleasure for our staff visiting them and employers have been full of praise.
A HUGE thanks to our employers who have put time aside to show them the world of work - you have provided them with an amazing opportunity. Also, to our wonderful Year 10 parents who have helped us get this arranged from the start. Well done Year 10 - you are all fantastic.
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