On Wednesday 9th October an evening workshop  took place for year 7 pupils who are on the Able and Talented register, together with their parents and carers.

Y7workshopscene The workshop was extremely well attended with almost a hundred people from thirty families taking part. The purpose of the event was to outline the provision at CCSC for able pupils and to explain how parents can support their children in achieving high target levels and grades.

After a short presentation from Mrs C Tilt, Leader of Able and Talented Provision, families took part in a range of fun and challenging activities designed to promote higher order thinking skills. These included a logic puzzle based on multiplication tables, a word finding task, a spatial awareness challenge and a 'collective draw task' in which families were challenged to recreate a drawing from memory.



After refreshments and the chance to ask questions informally, families took part in a practical project which involved them working as teams to build the highest possible free standing tower from paper straws and tape. The hall was buzzing with activity as the towers started to take shape. There was fierce competition, especially from some of the fathers, and some amazing structures were created.

tablepuzzle                      drawingtask                        colouredpuzzle

Reflecting on the evening, one parent commented:

"It was a really good fun and interesting evening and great to see how the school challenges every pupil to achieve their best."

The evening was organised by Mrs C Tilt, assisted by Mr L Mackin and Mrs J Hall.

Mrs C Tilt

Leader of Able and Talented Provision



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