Certificate Evening took place on Monday 15th July and academic subject prizes were awarded for every subject in each of years 7 to 10. It was a very special evening for the pupil prize winners who attended along with their families. After an introductory talk from Mrs L Jackson, Executive Headteacher, the awards were presented by the heads of department and members of the senior leadership team. Pupil winners received a certificate scroll and a gift voucher. After the formal presentations pupils, families and staff enjoyed drinks and homemade cakes.

The winners of the subject prizes were: Amelia Tomkinson (Year 7 English), Ashley Lovatt (Year 8 English), Jordan Titley (Year 9 English), Jacob Shutt (Year 10 English), Toyah Copeland (Year 7 Maths), Megan Futter (Year 8 Maths), Jack Austin (Year 9 Maths), William Stanier (Year 10 Maths), John Dulson (Year 7 Science), Luke Harrison (Year 8 Science), Joel Markham (Year 9 Science), Rebecca Pagett (Year 10 Science), Sam Roberts (Year 7 History), Lucie Moss (Year 8 History), Courtney Munro (Year 9 History), Trudie Montford (Year 10 History), Conor Lambert (Year 7 Geography), Jodie Middleton (Year 8 Geography), Tara Rutter (Year 9 Geography), Lauren Johnson (Year 10 Geography), Tom Rimmer (Year 9 Leisure and Tourism), Clintamol Johny (Year 7 RE), Joel Davenport (Year 8 RE), Reece Mercer (Year 9 Philosophy and Ethics), Megan Barber (Year 10 Philosophy and Ethics), George Gough (Year 7 PE), Katie Hall (Year 8 PE), Megan Montford (Year 9 PE), Charlie Egan (Year 10 PE), Ryan Geagan (Year 9 GCSE PE), Jake Lovatt (Year 10 GCSE PE), Matthew Chau (Year 7 Music), Jacob Walton (Year 8 Music), Stephanie Brook (Year 9 Music), Rebecca Green (Year 10 Music), Lani Syverson (Year 9 Dance), Caitlin Barry (Year 10 Dance), Rebecca Whiston (Year 9 Drama), Grant Haining (Year 10 Drama), Owen Roberts (Year 7 ICT), Pippa Phillips (Year 8 ICT), Kieran Kettle (Year 9 ICT), Callum Moore (Year 10 ICT), Maria Webb (Year 7 Art), Lydia Wootton (Year 8 Art), Lauren Sayce (Year 9 Art), Jessica Tranter (Year 10 Art), Jack Everill (Year 7 MFL), Hannah Brayford (Year 8 MFL), Jack McDonald (Year 9 MFL), Ashton Shaughnessy (Year 10 MFL), Lara Ravenscroft (Year 7 Technology), Hannah Wilkes (Year 8 Technology), Demi-Shanice Hancock (Year 9 Food Technology), Chelsea Brandall (Year 10 Food Technology), Jeena Johny (Year 9 Graphics), Alice Jones (Year 10 Graphics), Bethany Hall (Year 9 Resistant Materials), Jonathan Rogers (Year 10 Resistant Materials), Elle Mae Robertson (Year 9 3D Art), Hannah Warner (Year 10 3D Art).

Also Jack Bailey, Year 8, was awarded his Gold Medal certificate that he had won in the UK Junior Maths Challenge a few weeks earlier.

Following the individual subject awards; four students were presented with Overall Academic Excellence Awards for outstanding performance across many subjects. These awards went to Owen Roberts (Year 7), Megan Futter (Year 8), Stephanie Brook (Year 9) and Rebecca Pagett (Year 10).

Congratulations to all the award winners.

The decision as to which pupil should win each subject award was in most cases very difficult to make as so many pupils have worked extremely hard all year and produced work of an excellent standard.

This was the first time an event of this kind has been held at CCSC and many thanks to all the parents who supported it.

Mrs C Tilt

Leader of Able and Talented Provision.

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