mmontfordMegan Montford, Year 10, has been selected to represent England in the WUMA World Championships (World United Martial Arts) taking place in Geneva in September 2014. She has been kickboxing for 6 years at Black Cobra Martial Arts in Hanley, where she trains 5 days a week.

Megan caught the eye of the selectors when competing in her first title fight for the crown of UK English Open Champion. This competition took her through 5 physically demanding fights in a single day. Following this massive achievement, she has become part of the Black Cobra elite team.

Her dedication to the sport has been outstanding, training 5 nights a week whilst juggling the second year of her GCSEs and gaining her brown belt, is no easy task.

She is a talented young lady who we are extremely proud of!

Well Done Megan.


Miss L Griffiths

PE Department

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