Miss Griffiths' Year 10 GCSE PE have started to look at the skeletal system as part of the 'Developing Knowledge in PE' exam paper. They were given an outline of a body and had to 'build' their own skeleton. Each pupil chose their own method of building the skeleton; some made 3D models, some used different shapes to represent the different types of bones. Each skeleton had to be as accurate as possible in terms of how many bones make up the major limbs (arms and legs).

Once they had made the bones, they had to research the anatomical names of the bones and label the skeleton. Following on from this, they had to label the skeletal system in action. They added bones to an image of a sports performer 'in action'. Next they will be looking at the major joints, they will learn the names of the different joints, what each part does and how they are made up to suit their function.

This project will help students with the GCSE PE theoretical exams.

skeleton1      skeleton2       skeleton3

Miss L Griffiths

PE Department

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