On Tuesday Miss Grocott’s Year 11 GCSE PE group had a revision lesson with a twist!

Students adopted the roles of quiz master, scorers, spinners and participants as they took part in revision twister.

Students had to answer the questions correctly before they were allowed the official spinner to decide their fate. Students found themselves in all sorts of twists and tangles and even challenged Miss Grocott who ended up in a bit of a knot.

The activity was an opportunity to revise important aspects of the exam whilst having fun and was well received by all students.

To finish the afternoon Miss Grocott gathered the students around a table for a game of revision Jenga, in a tense game, students again had to answer the questions correctly to move a block. Eventually the tower fell after 6 rounds of questions!

A superb lesson thoroughly enjoyed by all, and more importantly an opportunity for the students to demonstrate their knowledge.

Miss Grocott
Teacher of PE

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