Runners from across the Year groups have completed this seasons District competitions with great success!
The ten Newcastle Schools competed their runners over four gruelling courses; hosted at Chesterton, Sir Thomas Boughey, Clayton and Wolstanton.  In conditions ranging from hot and muggy conditions to wet and damp weather the Chesterton runners competed well with a number of our athletes going on to be selected for the County competition in February 2017.
Overall Chesterton placed 5th out of the 10 schools.  Notably the boys year 8/9 team finished 3rd overall and the girls 8/9 4th.
Our congratulations go to the following County qualifying runners:
Year 7 – Ryan Whitehouse (4th), Taylor Taperek (11th), Jasmin Shepard (6th)
Year 8/9 – Matthew Malkin (7th), Daniel Keen (10th), Emily Williams (10th), Nadine Tomkinson (11th), Paige Taylor (13th)
Well done to all our runners this season!
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