equationscardmatchYear 7 pupils have been learning how to solve equations in their maths lessons over the last two weeks. This is part of their studies in algebra.

Pupils started by solving simple equations posed in the form of  'find the missing number puzzles' and presented in a quiz style format. This helped them to understand what the process of solving an equation involves.

The pupils soon moved on to solving one and two step equations and using the correct algebra notation. They found it very satisfying to be able to check their solutions by using substitution to see if their answers worked.

A card matching game which was played in pairs and involved matching equations and solutions was very popular and generated some excellent discussions about algebra.

Some pupils quickly progressed to solving equations with brackets in them and having unknowns on both sides of the equals sign. Equation Bingo was a very popular plenary activity with the Year 7 pupils.

Mrs C Tilt

Head of Maths



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