Music is taught to all students in Years 7 and 8. The different topics covered, which include Blues, Music for Film and Music Technology, follow a natural progression that encourages students to develop their skills in performing, composing and listening.

In Years 7 and 8, pupils also receive a 30 minute Performing Arts lesson each week. Throughout these lessons, pupils will participate in a variety of Dance, Drama and Music activities which will encourage each child to not only develop a range of performance skills but also engage the mind, body and emotions thus developing confidence and self-belief.

Students at Key Stage 4 (from Year 9) can opt to study Music and Drama to GCSE level:-



Pupils study the Eduqas syllabus, which covers a diverse range of musical styles. The course has a strong bias towards modern music and students are able to learn, compose and perform using their own strengths and interests as a starting point.

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At GCSE level, pupils study the AQA syllabus, which encompasses scripted, devised and performance support options. It is a heavily practical subject but also includes study of a set play and a written exam. Pupils can choose to specialise in practical performance or backstage support, which includes lighting and sound, costume design and stage management.

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Individual Music Lessons

Pupils in all years have the opportunity to have individual or small group music lessons to learn to play a musical instrument or to have specialist singing lessons. A full range of musical instruments are available to learn including piano, woodwind, guitar, brass, strings, drums and percussion. These lessons are provided by peripatetic music staff.

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